Generating a Report for a specific area of your facility is possible but requires a little more work on your end. To begin, open VitalCloud (preferably in a web browser on a computer - such as Chrome, etc.)

In the menu open the call logs window. When you first open this window, VitalCloud will load all calls from the last 24 hours.


We're going to use the options along the top of the window to specify which calls we're interested in, and to widen the scope of calls that we are searching for.

In this example, we will look for all calls in {the past month} with {Level 2} in their names.

Type in {Level 2} in the [Search phrase] box.

We want to look for these words in the Message that pops up on the Displays. Click on the [Search for phrase in  ] box and select Message display. Sidenote: you can select transmitter instead if you know the exact transmitter number of the device you are tracing. If you are unsure, select All fields to cover all your bases - please note that this might include more results than you bargained for.

Finally, we want our results to look at all calls from {the past month} not the last 24 hours, so click on the [Covers period] box and select {the Last Month}.

We've finished specifying our interests, so hit the Search x days (once) button and VitalCloud will begin loading a selection of calls. (This can take ~2 minutes, depending on how large your search is).

On the right, you can then press the Events as CSV button.

This will download the log as a CSV file, which you can open in a spreadsheet editor (such as Microsoft Excel) to perform data analysis as you need. Sidenote: choosing Print report... will print the whole log - every entry - which can be quite long if you are not careful.