The VitalCloud reporting platform allows users to export reports in the a CSV format which is compatible with Excel. This export function can be used to export Call Logs and Exceptions reports.

How to export for Excel

To export a CSV copy of your Call Logs or Exceptions:

  1. Navigate to the Call Logs or Exceptions page from the Menu.
  2. Adjust any filters as required (i.e. Date Range, Text Filter, Escalations, etc.)
  3. Click the green Search button and wait for the report to load.
  4. Click the Events as CSV button below the Search button.
  5. A CSV file will be downloaded containing the details of all events for the selected period.

Report Fields

The exported CSV file will contain the following fields:

DateTimeTransmitterDisplayEventTypeDuration (dd:hh:mm:ss)NotesDuration (In seconds)
Date of eventTime of eventTransmitter IDName of Transmitter (e.g. BED ROOM 12, FRONT DOOR EXIT)Type of event (e.g. Call, Cancel, Escalation)Response time (where applicable)Notes recorded about the event.Response time in seconds (where applicable)