Nursecall systems are critical to the health, safety, and wellbeing of their users. In light of this, all VitalCare devices are designed to detect when their battery voltage is getting low and alert facility staff through a number of means. In order to ensure that the low batteries are attended to, alerts generated by devices with low batteries cannot be cleared from the system until the battery has been replaced and the device has been reactivated.

When a VitalCare device with a low battery is activated, it's code will appear on Displays with a dotted line running down the centre of the display. An alert will also be sent to pagers and DECT phones indicating that the device has a low battery. For Daisy systems with VitalCloud integration, the device will be added to the Low Battery list on the Overview and Transmitter Maintenance areas even without being pressed if a low battery is detected during it's automatic periodic testing.

To clear a low battery alert from your system, just follow these steps:

  1. Locate the affected device, if there are multiple devices with similar identifiers (i.e. a Call Point and a Pendant for the same room number), make sure you have the correct device.
  2. Replace the battery on the affected device (for a list of devices with replaceable batteries and there required battery types, read this article).
  3. Wait for 45 seconds, this is to allow the unit to average and confirm the voltage of the new battery is adequate.
  4. Press the Call button once and wait 10 seconds, then press the Cancel button once.
  5. The alert should be cleared from both Displays and VitalCloud almost immediately and if you have a Pager or DECT phone, you should receive an alert indicating a successful Cancel.

If you require any further assistance to clear an alert from your system, please contact us by opening a ticket, calling our 24/7 support line, or sending us an email. You can also chat to a support technician by clicking the Chat button at the bottom right hand corner of this screen.